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  2. The book of Genesis tells us a beautiful story of the recreation of the world as we read chapters
    one and two. I call it a recreation because as you study the bible with keenness and intent, you
    discover that a lot of things happened between Genesis chapter one verse one, and verse two.
    There was an initial creation but a lot of things happened to cause the earth to be void and
    formless and full of darkness. So, God had to recreate the world. In His recreation, the way He
    made man was so amazing and a pure show of perfect love. He made man in His image and
    likeness, and out of all He made, the man was the most wonderful and beautiful thing He made.
    To date, man is still the most beautiful thing that God beholds when He looks at the world

  3. Daydreaming is a way to know yourself and receive information from the subconscious, the
    higher self, and maybe even ‘Other.’ Being in a particular mode of daydreaming, where you’re
    aware that you are daydreaming but you’re not actively scripting is the place where you get the
    messages. The message is in the movie, the unscripted dream. Hicks would say, just be there,
    observe, don’t do anything, especially don’t analyze the dream while inside the dream! Just be!
    That’s exactly what Carl Jung says about Active Imagination.

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  5. Stylish autogele

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